August 3, 2006

I love Rockstar!!

I especially dig STORM LARGE. I cannot tell if it is because she is from Oregon or she has insanely fine face bone structure. Magni is a great singer and has a baby about the age of mine. I don't dig TOMMY LEE as he is lecherous and too skinny (do we need to see is lower abdomen tendons?). Gilby Clark is honest as is Dave. Jason is kinda buzzed on Coke for the most part. Some episodes his comments are on the mark and others his coke buzz leads him to make obscene ball crunching jestures.

They are to be commended on a creative website. Crows are really popular right now. I wonder if they have anything to do with the indie star? Or are just all classic tattoo motifs popular. I would still love to do a series of Holiday cards with tattoo art. The easiest would be Valentines and Mothers day. My favorite would be the personalized wedding card. I think I will go Ray Bradbury on this town!

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