October 30, 2006

Covered Ash

The Mountain Ash still have their berries. Our annual Halloween Freeze and Snow out has begun. It is currently 1 degree. The geese and the ash are beautiful. I snapped some photos of geese and ducks as the nefarious bastards tried to rush me. I am terrified of birds that size. I think it is from the mean turkey gang that chased and pecked me as a 6 year old. I am slowly healing but along with my snake phobia, I don't care to cure it. Which is why the only good turkey is a dead turkey.

Watch out for the goose in the middle, she ain't going softly into the fois gras.

I love little man here he was carefully reading his elephant book when he just couldn't read another word. Elmo, his new bud, was there to comfort him in his rest.

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