November 26, 2006

Snow Baby Boy

We have snow and it is cold outside. It is starting to feel like a Montana winter and we are pleased. Baby Boy LOVES snow! He points and says "noooo" which is different than no-no. It is said very lovingly with large blue eyes open wide and sincere the index finger of his right hand is pointing outside. I wish we could have gone out to play today but the windchill was about negative 10 and it was blowing snow (in Montana that means frozen precipitation forced through the air by wind, not like in LA where blowing snow means something entirely different. Good thing there are no rappers named snow up here).

Baby boy got a bath and ate tuna organic pasta with California blend organic veggies. We all had a good day. I also learned that among my changing taste bud's preferences I like Jack on Ice (not organic). Can I call that a Jack Frost?

Cheers to living in warm houses. Cheers to cute boys. Cheers.

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