December 29, 2006

Beloved Dentri, Casseroles and Cadillacs. Love for the American Proletariat

This looks like a communist baby to me. He is Russian ( I can tell because of his facial muscle structure). He only has snow and rocks to play with because the toys had to long of lines. My Dentri explores the alley immune to cold because his passion for snow warms him tip to toe.

It would be a wonderful life lesson for all of us to be passionate about what we have. Like me-- I love casserole. I love long drives morning and night.

Seriously I don't love casserole. And this is our American baby in our back alley. Those are our neighbors "pet" Cadillacs. They are pet for the exclusive purpose of re-routing the alley and to avoid having to haul them away.

Speaking of Cadillacs and my recent language jag. When I was a child on the ranch "Cadillac" was a very bad word. I always heard "here comes her old Cadillac" as "here comes the old Battle Axe" really for my grandmother the terms where interchangeable. I don't have a picture of her, and this lady looks much nicer than she ever did! Here is a strange coincidence though. This lady is named Bernice and so was my grandmother! They also live in Springfield, Oregon. That is 5 minutes from my university and 45 minutes from where my beloved grandmother lived! My beloved grandma preferred a ruby red Buick Riviera. My beloved grandma's name was Jan.


Anonymous said...

Okay, communist or not, can I have your old baby clothes? Although little Nora/Henry is just randomly kicking through a tummy right now, I'm beginning to realize that it's gonna need some selection of cute hats and pants to wear.

bellemanda said...

I wish I could! I would love to see little Nora/Henry in some of the cute clothes I have gotten for Dentri but I have already given most of them away. The only ones I have left are some 12 mo and lots of 18 mo. I would be happy to give those to you though. I would even ship them or bring them when I come out this year.