December 15, 2006

Snow and Elmo. Life is Good.

My son loves 2 things: Elmo and Snow. Here they are in perfect harmony. I love my blue eyed boy and I am doing just fine.

Here in Montana, people have an affinity for Litotes. A dramatic understatement to overstate without sounding cocky. There is a cleaning service here named "pretty darn good cleaning" That means very good cleaning. "Not to bad" is a good At a boy. Like in Babe when the pig learns the secret code of the Ba Ram Ewe the farmer states simply "That'll do Pig" as a major pat on the rump.

I remember learning about Litotes in Rhetoric 406 the example in the book was "Those who cared not for battle departed the field." Those deserting jerks. It has lodged in my brain for years.

What is your favorite example of litotes?

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