January 3, 2007

Born Under a Wanderin' Star

To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered. -Voltaire

I don't normally quote people smarter than me, however today Voltaire captured my feelings. I just can't seem to get the "well-mannered" part down. Once again I feel like a pacing animal. It originates outside of the home, and my lovely family is not source of my restless feelings. I just wish today I could be a gypsy. Take my family in the wagon and go. Anywhere. The wind here seems to have a purpose and a direction.
I think we might follow it for a few days. Among my RSS reading I also found a picture of this lovely girl. She is a real gypsy if you click on the picture there is a pithy little interview. My favorite thing about my participation in the Shrewsberry Renaissance Faire was waking up with the sun in the camp to hear the rustle of families laughing and talking over breakfast preparations. I also loved the nights after the gates closed and the wild untamed nature of ren rats bubble to the surface like bathtub gin. I loved the singing and the dancing. The shows of bawdiness were alright, but the story telling was divine. I still remember the "I want a proper cup of coffee" song. If you are really nice and give me some marzipan I will sing it for you someday.

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