January 21, 2007

Fresh Glistening Snow at Battleridge

We went to Battleridge campground this morning to pull the sled about and enjoy the beautiful weather. We suited little big man up and of course headed straight up the mountain.
People were tent camping there. I am too much of a hedonist to tent camp in January when the high is 20 degrees Fahrenheit. They gave us the eye that is the Montana Ho The Camp. I smiled but to no avail. So I think they might be nuts.

Little big man got hauled up the hill and crazy zignut ran like the wind. We came back down the mountain without seeing the other side, because the bear taught me that its just the other side anyway. Little big man got to run around in the snow with his daddy. He laughed at the crazy dog and tripped and gave himself a white wash in the face.

The Briger Mountain Range was hugged by fluffy lively clouds. The snow glistened like diamonds, but alas these things do not register on my camera. I bet it was a great day for skiing.

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