January 7, 2007

Hanging Judge

sometimes life comes down to little things. Like if you have watched true grit. If you have you would not like powder burns, pilot cakes, muddy water, or snake pits. you may or may not like "hanging judges" depending on which side of the law you fall. I have watched some westerns in my time and I have always been repulsed by the crowds that came into town to watch a hanging. I thought we were beyond that as a culture. Much more civilized. Lies and Falsehoods. We are not. Just check what the top searches are over at msn.com or technorati.com It is Saddam Hussein's Hanging. I almost watched one. Then I decided I was not the kind to show up for a hanging. I am not the kind who personally metes out karma, I am the waiting kind. I know karma can take care of itself.

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