January 25, 2007

History Lesson #2: Bonanza Montana

"The land fit only for growing Indians" reads this sign. Now it grows a lot of rich white people. How interesting the land I live was once disdained which is now highly prized. The land where in 1860 you would be scalped by Indians is the land in 2007 you can be scalped for real estate.

However, please believe, while I jest about real estate as a scalping I would never liken Native Americans to Realtors. I would not insult Native Americans so. In the European quest for a coast to coast country and to achieve their manifest destiny we shit on a lot of things. People included. I recognize my privilege to even live here. I love this land. However that expansion and overtaking has happened since homo went erectus. That line of reason is not justification, we all need to love the land and try to share it.

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