February 28, 2007

Proud of My Little Brother

I know he won't be littler than me for long. He was in a Spelling Bee on Monday and really did a good job. He came in 7th but was the last 5th grader in a competition that went up to 8th grade. He turns 11 tomorrow. He is becoming an interesting young man (and cute too). I am glad he is not an intractable boy! Well, he is intractable when it comes to photos. Why did they give middle schoolers swivel chairs to sit in?

Of course why they had a pronouncer that needed to turn up his hearing aids and adjust his bifocals is another good question. What is that? "Language of Origin, Please?" "Oh well The definition is..." "Oh little Missy, a pretty girl like you should know all about these spell Sequins"


Anonymous said...

3rd place, Oregon State Spelling Bee, 1984. Excuse the language, but it's not fucking fair that I got "repertoire," when the winner ended up with the trophy on an easy-ass word like "metorologist." Go Zane.

bellemanda said...

I know! That wasn't fucking fair. They asked one kid to spell an italian musical term. Damned Melting Pot English. Zane's picture was in the cool free Livingston Weekly. They actually caught his face. Look up concentration in the dictonary and it has that picture by it.