March 2, 2007


I got a tele-donation call from American Friends Service Committee. They miss pronounced our last name so I was wary. I said may I ask who is calling (my tone dripping derision) and when he said Friends of America I said "Oh the Quakers?" And he sheepishly agreed the Quakers. I am ignorant if they dislike this name, please comment if you know, but just saying friends seems a little nebulous. So we talk and I say, cash is tight right now, I will donate again, etc. He asked for 10 bucks and I said yes. I asked the specific cause they were fundraising for and it was to end violence in Iraq and help the soldiers when they return home. He was careful to say "Men and Women" which I always like. I asked him a few more questions because he had a friendly voice and I stayed on the phone a little longer than I should have just because I wanted to talk to someone about world events that had a gentle voice. Someone who made it seem possible to bring all of our men and women home. Someone who wanted to make their lives better when they return.

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