April 4, 2007

April Snow brings May...

What rhymes with snow? cause that is what May is bringing.

I am not having very good luck catching little man with a pleasant look on his face. Rightly so as it has been (except today) 6 days of puking and other nasty bodily things. I had it too. Man oh Man that is so gross and draining. I believe it was the noro virus. We caught it from the only indoor play ground in Livingston (ahhemm McDonalds).

It was so cute that night. We said where do you want to go to dinner? And little big man said "Donalds Pease" "donalds pease" He is groking that please gets his just about anything he wants. Too bad it got us all the noro virus.

Really I wasn't going to talk about that because it was so traumatic. I am going to talk about the April Snow. It is wet and lovely. With the sun out it was a balmy 50 degrees. I bundled him up and we trudged around the yard. The mittens lasted a little while.

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