June 7, 2007

Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho!

In my quest to make the right decision about buying the house (and no summer TV I like except "the next best thing" last night) I have scoured the web in search of online fortune telling. For some strange reason I want the WWW to tell me if I should or shouldn't buy that house I mentioned. So far the results have been all positive. In case there is a large decision you would like to make (preferably including thousands of dollars) here are the oracles I have consulted and their results. These are all free, because underneath all this bling I am really a tightwad.

Neil & His Magnificent Oruclar Journal

I think we all need to ponder that.
Facades Magic Pen

IChing Online
A submerged dragon is of no use.
Google It
I Feel Lucky

I think overall the results are positive. Either way our earnest check is cashed.

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