July 12, 2007


I successfully programmed an underground sprinkler system this evening. I love the feeling of accomplishment. Now I just need to get my biking and such. Since Aido is in daycare we are all getting sick every Sunday. That is: he goes to daycare on Thursday and Friday. So the common incubation period is 2 days. Et Voila his little snot locker is all full up. Then Josh's and then mine. It is a comfortable routine. He really likes daycare of "Jenny's House" as he calls it.

I also got DSL installed this evening. Only 2 calls to tech support. They both spoke English well. Kinda. The second guy kept saying "kindly click on the network connections" and "kindly choose run from your start menu" My opinions is "kindly make this standard and not so difficult." Say that all like Apu and you have an evening of giggles.

Today was a silly day at work. I have a "who's on first"-esque conversation with my office mate.

"here is your mountain dew and your change" I gave her the dollar back she paid for the mt. dew. "I owed you from yesterday for my Dr. Pepper"

The conversation then went into a tailspin. I figured, complicatedly, that I owed her the $.75 from yesterday and the $.25 from today equaling a dollar. She tries to give me a quarter and we argue about what was owed and to whom. At one point I took the quarter and yelled "i don't want to argue about a quarter." We were laughing our butts off, and i think we just needed frivolity. I drew a diagram and she finally got it. "oh. you are buying my pop today cause seeing as i bought yours yesterday. why didn't you just say that?"

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