July 24, 2007

Take Me down to the Paradise Valley

I present to you the Beartooth Mountains in the Absaroka Range. It is smokey here as the west is on fire. It makes for pretty sunsets and sunrises. If I can get my ass out of bed and to a camera I can show you some pretty ones from our windows. My blog will become one year old on 7/30/06. I am shooting for 200 quality (snort) posts. I only have 6 after this to post!

and if I didn't get the title song stuck in your head already:
"where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" oh ho, take me home.


Eve said...

Ah Ha! Now I understand your diabolical plan. It is to get everyone who reads your blog to have the same song stuck in their head! But, you're plan is flawed, for now I have the "green green grass of home" in my head. Take that, Axle!

bellemanda said...

shucks foiled again! I shall re-work my plan and soon all will bend to my will! bwahaha! More to the point. I am trying to get everyone to sing songs as incorrectly as i do. It makes me giggle to think "oh ho" take me home.