July 15, 2007


So my NEW CAMERA (for my birthday) is not a mega zoom. It is a Canon Powershot SD1000 and I like it. I am waiting for a 2 gig card to show up so I can take more than 9 pictures without downloading them. It has many neat features, but my favorite is that is seems to take great quality photos.

The first photo is a deer and her twins. It took all of the 12x combined digital and optical to pull that off and it is still rather impressionist. I like it, however because it looks like art. And really who can resist taking a picture of a horses bum? and my aido. I love the little poser, I am so glad he is feeling better and the antibiotics for his ear infection seem to be working. I hope what they say is right and kids go through all the sicknesses in daycare or in preschool. I hope he stays better for the rest of... well his life. I hate seeing him sick.

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