August 25, 2007

Links to Photos

Working 5 days a week is a bitch. I am tired and I miss my son and husband. So I am steeling some time from sleep to point to some recent pictures. Last weekend was a wedding that my husband was the best man at.

Here are my darling boys toes. Here is a plum. The outside of which looks like my hair color. Deep cherry chocolate. I am restless. I need a large body of water to splash in. I need a long weekend with my family lounging in warm water and padding around in flip flops and a robe. I need fruity drinks. I need a holiday. -- love, belle "wild eyed" manda

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Eve said...

Fruity drinks and holidays defintely are on the list. Start planning one now, and have something to look forward to. As for a large body of water to splash in.... I think the best I could do is a bathtub. Look on the bright side, it's better than a toliet.