April 18, 2008

Snorkeling is Fun

I swam in the ocean. It was so beautiful that I forgot I was breathing through a crazy straw. Coral Gardens is the name of the reef that we looked at there where all sorts of fish and eels and corals. I was nervous that my inexperience would knock some coral off and it takes 4 years for coral to grow one inch. So I was probably more careful than I needed to be. Do you think the girl in the picture got a sun burn? Yes, and it was worth it. I am such a whitey I get a sun bun through water-proof SPF 70. Though I did manage tan (as much tan as I get) through all that sun screen. I really wish they could make a sunblock that smelled like tanning oil.... Ah coconut and pineapple.
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Eve said...

that was one of my favorite things about hawaii... everyone smelled like coconuts and pineapple. everytime you smell those now it'll take you to a happy place. i suggest putting a small bottle of tanning oil in your desk at work.

oregone said...

They make SPF 70!!!1!? Sign me up!