June 28, 2008


he has cleared out the wood plank railroad that he was working on. he is just chilling at Creek Campground. We had a wonderful time there. We have already reserved the "holy grail" of campsites for later this summer. I am not going to tell you which one though! We ate hotdogs almost every meal. Next time I am going to plan the menu better. I really don't even want to look at a hotdog.
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Eve said...

We need to go camping together at some point. The husband and I always over think the menu. Breakfast with us is especially good when camping.

bellemanda said...

I remember yourgourmet camping menus Eve. It was always delicious and I was always amazed. Of course I think you are a wonderful cook. Next camping trip, our big idea is a dutch oven refrigerator biscuits and denty morr stew. I don't know if that is a step up from hotdogs or not.