July 31, 2006

Dope Rides

"Montanan's are dope fiends for thier pick-up trucks." quips the father "native american" of the outlaw on Rancho Deluxe. It is a B movie but a truer statement about Montana Men I've never heard. Josh lost his fancy new truck because we needed a family rig and he spent the next few months scheming and spinning until he got another one. Aside from a Semi there is no larger truck. Its a 4 door Ford F350 with a full bed. Now he is set on accessorizing. A new shiny rear bumper is whats next. "Accesories" also include a street legal dirt bike. Though to that i say "what are you going to sell to get that? a kidney?"

It makes him happy and that makes me happy. That and my brand new computer.

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