July 30, 2006

12 cupcakes 1 candle

Aiden's 1st birthday party is in a week.

I am amazed I had such fun, even if it is the hardest thing i have ever done. I am thankful he made it. The phrase 'i'm your mama' still seems so strange. i am probably too old for it but these decisions that i make for him seem so grown up and a little foriegn. I have always been the child even as a grown up, but now i am the parent. I love him more than i thought possible 2 years ago.

He has such a great sense of humor. Last night i saw he had a nail hanging off so I grabbed his hand and bit the nail and spit and said got it. he laughed from his toes up to his 6 white and gleeming teeth. I am enjoying this stage. I love that he crawls around and explores his world. I call him a tipsy crawler because he picks his hands and knees high off the ground. Occasionally he will pick them so high that he tips over and his whole flight plan is revised to catch himself.

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