July 30, 2006

If teething doesn't get you the fires might

Teeth are a pain. My boy's teeth are slowly spearing through tender flesh and keeping us all up at night. I think we should all comsume light and have no teeth.

Josh is working the Big Creek fire and will for the next week. He won't work this next weekend which is good because it is Aiden's 1st birthday. I suppose I understand a little better why time is relative. Not that I ever will completly grok it. I just know that since i have the measure of a child my life has gained momentum. I can feel the inertia of Aiden's first day at college pulling. I am trying to stay in the moment. I think i have taxed my reserve of physic metaphores.

I am glad Josh is just gaurding roads and not trying to fight this monster of a fire. It has taken houses in Glastonberry and generally the paradise valley. The wind through that valley is dry and hard. it has been so hot lately all matter is tinder aching to burn. most people are talking about knowing what global warming feels like. Grendel still lurks in our consciousness.

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