October 24, 2006

Big Bull

North from here wild things grow. Wild family and wild posts. Americana still lives and breeds heading toward the 48th parallel. Following the directions from a sometimes reliable source we drove north till we came across a Hereford bull. I didn't say anything at the time, but I thought he was kinda cuckoo. I was wrong here it is.

We didn't stop, but we did get stared at as I made papa drive around the parking lot for the best picture angles.

What I really loved was the watery blue eyes.
I guess this does get attention. I wonder what it is made out of. Papa says it must be 40 years old or more. Note the Conrad Burns sign. I never would have guessed that this was Republican Country. Perhaps the bull is made out of Asbestos too so they don't have to rely on lazy firefighters.

Next i want to share the amazing beauty of Tamarack trees in Fall. The yellow trees are not diseased this is the natural fall needleage of the larch trees. I find it amazing. Their branches are black against the inner golden glow of the needles and it contrast perfectly with the clear sky of northern Montana.I want you to meet a dog. A dog that reminds me of Futurama. It is a lovable furry old thing. The eyes aren't like that all the time, but if they are give it black licorice.

This is part of a family portrait so I thought I would get rid of the jack-o-lantern eyes.
I didn't work. good thing he doesn't look like queequeg.

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Dayngr said...

Makes a big city girl wanna move to Montana!