October 2, 2006

Moving Dreams

I honestly dream of bathrooms. When life is rough the bathrooms are gross. I really need one but I refuse to use them because they are beyond what is seen in Trainspotting. I believe those are dreams of frustration. Now I am dreaming of sparkling pure white bathrooms. I never need these bathrooms but I do notice how pretty they are.
The most recent dream of the perfect loo I visit a large stadium seating theater. It's not a movie I am interested in watching. When the reel breaks down, i go visit the film operator. The movie is back on track, but someone has taken my seat. I travel down the stairs and meet a friendly blond. I keep moving and find a table with some of the important ladies in my life, they are having a party I am not invited to. I don't care as by this time I have decided not to stay in the theater. I exit through the back. The first exit is a bathroom, which is clean, that has many toilets. I choose to go through the next door. It is a perfect clean bathroom with one toilet. I don't need the room so I skip it and start up the white staircase behind it. The rest of the dream is climbing up and up surrounded by pure clean white. A strangely enjoyable dream. A damn sight better than the dirty bathroom or constipated family of werewolves. I suppose werewolves don't get much roughage. Do you think vegitarians have more grams of fiber?

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