October 1, 2006


I have a deep and dark confession. I think I may be a narcissist. I used to constantly take pictures of myself. The quality is questionable, I think I may look a little tweaked out in some of them. I wonder why I am compelled to photographically record my face. Perhaps it is because no one takes photos of me. Or the ones they do I am not too pleased with. I think it was mainly the purchase of a digital camera and I am interested in point of view. I think I may get a glimpse of myself as others see me. I see the crooked eyes, and the long face, I see the red spot on my nose from the bite of a spider in Mexico. I see a warm kinda kooky smile. I like what I see. I am not a great beauty, but I don't have to be. I am smart and funny. Yeah ME! My digital camera swivels so I can look at me while I take a picture of me. So which came first the self photos or the swivel cameras. As I am in a confessing mood... The pictures of me.
I just went and took the last 2 pictures of me. I am glad that now I have better things to obsess over.
Please just don't get me started on my profile.

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