October 28, 2006

the Unabomber

This is an update on the Ford van that was hermetically sealed and newspapered on the inside. The first day i saw it I mentioned it. The second time was about 2 weeks ago it was driving with a driver in a white hoody and dark sunglasses. It looked alot like the unabomber. I mean a lot! And In Montana I always have an eye out for militias and nuts that are here for nefarious isolationist purposes. I imagined him hiding from the man, off the grid. Instead of me witnessing the beginning of a national espionage saga in its infancy I realized it is just the human experience. Yesterday the sad story completely revealed itself to me, the casual observer. The Ford van was parked in town (have you noticed its a very small town?). the shipping tape was peeling around the doors from exposure and the newspaper covering the back windows were still attached. The Ford van was parked in front of the employment office. Not a spy, a person living in a Ford van as the temperatures plunge to 15 degree Fahrenheit each night. I would try to tape the drafts out too.

It is so sad that this area has so many rich and so many poor. I wish it could be spread around a little more fairly. That must be what heaven is for. right? or are the Catholics of old right and you can pay to have your sins absolved. Another option is to high a Sin-Eater (i think those contractors are extremly expensive) Or is the bible right, it is easier for a camel to pass through the head of a pin that a rich man get into heaven.

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