January 25, 2007

History Lesson #3: The Stabbur

Here is to the Norwegian heritage in the Big Timber and Livingston area. We have lute fisk and lefsa dinners at the Lutheran churches and Sons of Norway are teaching the Norwegian Language. In Oregon Junction City was the hub of all Norwegian. Here Big Timber in their typical craftsman fashion build works of art to celebrate their heritage. Inside the stabbur they stored perishables and mouse lunchables. It was vermin tight. The roof is sod and there is a cutout goat on it. I love this. I love rosemaling.

I visited the Crazy Mountain Museum last summer and inside they have all sorts of Norwegian items and souvenirs. Crazy little nomes the cute and ugly hairy kind sat next to little blond dolls. All sorts of knick knacks that I try to avoid when I travel (though if I went to Holland i would have to buy little wooden shoes just like I bought Celtic art in England).

Raise your glass and enjoy the lefsa! Here's to Norwegians.

[Just a note: I am not Norwegian.]

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