January 25, 2007

Ice in Sunshine, like Lohan in Fame

We have been experiencing a thaw in Southwestern Montana. Last week was bloody cold and I am sick of cold! This week its in the 50's much more to my liking. No one is wearing coats so everyone is getting a cold next week. The make believe week of spring is worth it.

These pictures are of the Yellowstone River on the East End exit outside of Livingston. The ice is melting and breaking off like miniature icebergs. The water looks navy blue from the freeway and up close it just looks cold.

The Crazy Mountains are a long thin range of hills. This is from the side. My favorite angle of them is still from my childhood-- looking from the west.

I know I am a Montanan because when I walk on non windy days I have the sense of acute imbalance. On windy days I am surefooted and comfortable. Today I was pretty darn comfortable.

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