February 17, 2007

Dreaming of Sean Connery

I dreamed a wild adventure last night. I was a deceptively plain girl undercover agent. I wandered the streets looking at garage sales with my mother and mother in law. I would politely look at all of the junk people hope is your treasure or that you will just take off their hands.

We came upon a lady that was dressed in flowing apricot gowns selling music. She was asking me about what kind of places I would like to visit so she could match the world music for me to purchase. She pulled out this huge book filled with old maps. I looked at the Europe map and pointed some places in France, Iceland and various Northern European places. I noticed her hand rested on the legend. I memorized the code as I purchased BOOM! from Charles T.

I went to my professor's home (secretly my lover) Sean Connery. He was mad at me because I had left messes and he thought I was a loose cannon because I cared for him. He was an inventor and had invented Zilk which was a miracle fabric for spys to wear.

Yaddda Yadda Yadda

They tested me by sky jumping off a cliff to see if I could go on a world saving mission. I kept up with them getting out of the water and up the cliff again but the car they called picked them up but not me. So I failed. I went back to the head quarters of another spy where SC was hanging and found that my name had been leaked to the press "Eliza Doolittle" was my name. My spying days where done. So I lost a career and a lover. I tracked SC down in an alley and I was wearing a Zilk spy ensemble. Strangely he had little Zilk bat ears and he was ripped!

Then the phone rang. I can't believe I got to sleep in and dream a crazy dream of never saving the world.

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