February 16, 2007

Man of La Mancha on Broadway

The only time I visited New York, NY was on a day trip while visiting my step fathers mother in Old Tappan, NJ. I thought the city was a fun place but scary too. While in Old Tappan I went to the grocery store and all the ladies with carts drove very aggressively. I was a 15 year old just trying to get some space from the old lady smell of my step grandmother's and moved slowly to see if they had different shampoo. They didn't but my lackadaisical Oregon ass moved way to slow for the New Jersey house girls.

I have always loved art and museums. I begged to go to the MOMA. They offered a Circus with animals preforming. I objected as I felt the elephants were not treated well. If I knew of such things like Cirque de Soliel they could not have kept me away, but I don't think it was around 15 years ago.

I did get to go to a '2 for' matinee on Broadway. It was Man of La Mancha. Dulcinea looked a little old and stiff kneed. I thought it was because you get what you pay for and they put the old Broadway actors out to pasture in the 2 for 1 matinees. I liked the experience. My family also made sure I got to taste real bagels and real pizza. I love that thin flat cheese pizza best to this day. Bagels in Montana are just rolls with holes in the middle. They are not chewy or soft in the middle. They are uniform consistency just like a roll. Even in Oregon they had bagels that resembled the beautiful creations I had in New York that summer. Ruined me.

I remember it was Hot there in August and my step grandmother's pancake foundation began to melt as we waited for tickets. I thought it was startling to realize someone could actually melt. I wore a bright red flower sun dress. I had men yell at me. This was shocking as Oregon men had never yelled at me. I took it as a compliment I guess. I think I walked a little closer to my mother. By the time I had my senior trip 2 years later in Paris and London I had enough attitude on me to confidently walk down the street. I was lucky as I choose to walk down the street at 2 am away from the group that decided to experiment with pot with a strange french man. I suppose that is a story for a post about a different city.

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