February 13, 2007

Revisiting the Book Shoppe!

I want to draw your attention to a little crazy coincidence which happened here. I commented upon my unlikely acquisition of a few good books. Jennifer Belle's Little Stalker among them and it is a coincidence maker. Ms. Belle has commented on my entry about her Little Stalker see my entry Used Book Shoppe to read it. He comments got me thinking so, if you are ready for goose pimples here are some strange and coincidental items:

  • I bought the book for $0.25 and the main character of the book gets mad when a person buys to book for a quarter. Luckily the author did not let on she was offended that I bought this book for two bits.
  • My online pseudonym is bellemanda and the author's last name is Belle
  • The fact that my lovable old blog was noticed by a New York author
I am reading the book and I will keep you posted. I also wanted to share a little in this post that is not all superstition and supposition. Jennifer Belle is a beauty. I won't linger on this because I have a feeling she is a bad ass feminist who likes to be recognized for her pen not her hair (which is beautiful but if you read this blog you know I love gypsies). She wrote Animal Stackers which I will pay more than a quarter for because it looks really charming and educational.

Aside from my uncharacteristic gushing I recommend this link: the ABC game. It is close to the English alphabet but not quite exactly. This is a visually pleasing game made in Denmark and it is not Jennifer Belle related but when I saw the cover of Animal Stackers I was reminded of it and I have been wanting to share it for a long time.

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