March 12, 2007

Miss Oola La Carousel

Missoula has a great Carousel and beautiful playground near the north side of the Orange Street Bridge. We enjoyed it. Little man took to it like he takes to all new things with reserve and intense concentration. He didn't cry but he didn't look like he loved the spinning on wooden horses either. I think if we went again he would really like it. He absolutely loved the pool at the hotel, just like his Mama he would have stayed there all night. I saw he had blue lips and halted all the fun. He went to the room with me and I stripped him down and rubbed him. the motel was nice and warmed all of the pool towels. I let him run around naked. As he ran he stopped and looked at me and peed on the floor. With the natural aplomb of a mom in a hotel I put a towel on it and let everyone walk on it as they came in. I think it sopped it up nicely. May I suggest flip flops for your next hotel stay?

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