March 13, 2007

Fire from Below

Just outside of Livingston there is some private property that smokes and smolders. It is a fire below the ground where they dumped tons of sawdust that spontaneously combusted and now it will burn for 100 years. Usually it is just smelly and smokey as we drive by, but tonight it was flaming. Our customary winds blew from the other direction. The north wind fanned the flames. I snapped a picture of it from a distance so as not to trespass, and it looks really dangerous to me. Sparks flared and it looked like a bonfire. I hope it rains in sheets tonight.

The people involved in the property have tried dumping sand and water on it, but nothing extinguishes it. I have heard rumours that it is the mouth of an earth dragon which lives under Livingston. A dragon whose belly is full of soot from the Superfund area under the railroads. I think it was enjoying the change in our winds. Perhaps it blows a changes of other sorts too.


oregone said...

On the plus side, you can't spell Superfund without "fun." Or "super" for that matter.

bellemanda said...

There are many super fun "homes" in Livingston to purchase in the Superfund area. Perhaps you would like a second home here to vacation and fish? Creosote and other toxins are good for the complexion. Am I right or am I right. Or am i right.