March 17, 2007

USPS unites with the DARK SIDE

Yesterday, I had a run in with the Post Mistress in my po dunk town. She kept our checks out of the mailbox because it was adressed to our street address and not our Post Office Box. She kept them 5 days because I am not there everyday during thier limited business hours. She wrote on my check boxes that we need to correct the address. She knew which box they belonged to as all I told her was the box number. She was so snotty that I wanted to say "You kept them out of my mailbox for 5 days to punish us? That doesn't seem to be very professional as the note would have sufficed." Of course I said, "So nice to meet you. Have a wonderful day." Which means I lied. God please fogive me, but when I say things people take things so much more seriously. I went to USPS dot com and discouvered that "Two Powerful Forces will Unite" I found this teaser explaining the unholy union (kind of). I am sad to say Darth Postmistress will get her wish and I will add the box number. Of all the battles I face, the po box # is just a little one even if she thinks she is all powerful to make us wait for our checks.

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Unknown said...

You must have gone to the post office in Evergreen! The post lady there is nice, but she certainly thinks she's all powerful.