March 18, 2007

When Potting Soil attacks

My son got carried away with the dirt. I didn't wipe it away because we were having so much fun and I was trying to get him back into the house. He didn't like the cleaning up of the hands and face but it was a whole lot of fun in the bath. Ever since he went swimming and dunking under the water was his idea he doesn't mind laying back to get his hair washed.

While in the bath he lined up all of his duckies and alligator babies (3 of each) on the side of the tub. He then pointed to only the duckies and counted 1, 2, 3. then it was the alligators' turn and 1, 2, 3. He is just 19 months. That seems really advanced to me. He has been counting for a couple months, but to categorize and count. He has a huge vocab too. I am bragging about my son. I am also hoping I can keep him engaged and entertained and growing.

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