April 20, 2007

7 things and 1 thought from Crazy Mountain Deluxe

I used to hate but now like:
1. bacon
2. butterscotch
3. dill
4. reality tv
6. pop music
7. stinky cheese

There are lots of things that I used to love and can love no longer. Smokey bars with lots of Kamikazes and drunken friends. Sleeping in -- well I can love it but it is an unrequited affection so I might as well love getting up early. Art museums and walks through downtown Portland. Wet lush green springs. I love the arid golds with veins of purple and orange that run through my home lands. So my point of today is to love where you are and what you have. The big toothy machine that is American Pop Culture only wants us to want and consume so my little house with my little boy and husband is perfect for me. (that is me 5 years ago).


Anonymous said...

Someday, somewhere, somehow, we'll all get together in a smoky bar and have a butt-load of kamikazes. I'm thinking April 2nd, 2025. And we'll all sleep in the next day.

bellemanda said...

2025 that is something to look forward to. Will they let us drink in 2025?? I better hurry up and have another baby if I am going to make it though. HAHHA! psych!

Eve said...

Wait until 2028 and we can bring Henry with us.