April 21, 2007

Fear and Longing for Mountains and Meadows

Down Paradise Valley way there is a little restaurant/bar/live music venue called Pine Creek Cafe. My mom, little big man and I went down there for lunch. I haven't eaten there for a solid year before this month and now I have eaten there every week for a month. My little big man loves to explore the great outdoors and therefor I explore with him. Just behind the little red cabin that is a cute store named Feathers we found an enchanted fence. I had breadcrumbs but I would not let him have them because I was afraid Baba Yaga would swoop down in her chicken legged house to pluck him away from me.

The hike up to Pine Creek Falls is easy and pretty if you get there before the Tourists take over. see photo. While Eve was here I wanted to share the beauty of Paradise Valley because the last time she was here (for my wedding) it was snowy and rainy (in May). So here are some photos from flickr.com that do the Absaroka Mountains a little bit of justice.

Jeff blue ribbon photo of Paradise
Wesler gorgeous image of Emigrant Peak
TWHarris something about UFOs but stunning Mountain shot

Then here is one of a landscape that haunts me. I get long distance stares and come to realizing I was there in the Beaver Meadows up West Boulder. These colors are true to life up the West Boulder. If you hike(d*) the 4 miles up the you would come across this:

*this burned up in the 2006 Jungle Fire left this clean as a whistle and ready for new growth.

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Anonymous said...

I can imagine that when the tourists take over, they REALLY take over. Maybe they should have called it "Chlamydia Valley" instead of Paradise. That may have discouraged some.
Those pics of Aiden remind me of the Minam Campground in Northeastern Oregon. Same exact fence leading to secrets.