April 28, 2007

Full Mental Jacket

I am allergic to the sound of metal on metal. Or metal on teeth. Even writing about the sound sets my teeth on edge and makes my skin goosebump and crawl. At Lowe's today, I perused the refrigerators and I touched a stainless steal handle. The main reason I would never have one of these monsters is because it shows fingerprints. The other reason is that touching the brushed metal handle freaked me out. I think my pen ran along its surface and that vibration made me jump and squeal. Of course my husband wanted to know what was wrong. He sure laughed at me when I told him. I tried to put on a brave face and grabbed a different metal handle. Worse than the first! It was brushed into tiny grooves and it played my hand like a cheap record player. I think it was Beyonce's latest hit because my skin crawled as it screeched through my outer layers. I had to touch something else to remove the feel.

Are there others out there who cannot stand that metal/metal/teeth sound? If so does the touch of certain metals also give you chills?


Anonymous said...

Little did you know, that was just one in the line of Beyonce's new line of major kitchen appliances. Check out her range: It's hot!

bellemanda said...

glad my fridge isn't an irreplaceable.