May 7, 2007

Movies for the Mom

Little big man is beginning not to need me to go to bed at night. That is happy sad because it means he is growing up and I can perhaps sneak away some evenings. I have never minded going to a movie by myself so a date isn't a problem. I have a list of movies that I want to see:

Harry Potter

Movies I will probably see but at someone else's choice:

Shrek the Third
The Simpson's
Pirates of the Caribbean

Movies they would have to tie me down and toothpick my eyes Clockwork Orange Style:
BUG (even if I could say "I'm infested" in jest again)
Hairspray (Travolta in drag looks disrespectful to Trannies everywhere)
License to Wed (Robin Williams is still alive? At any rate he isn't funny)


Unknown said...

I didn't even know anyone was making a new Beowulf movie, and with a Neil Gaiman screenplay, I'll be able to get the plus one to go see it.

Oh and Crispin Glover? I predict that this will be the creepiest Grendel ever!

oregone said...

Can you say "Rubin and Ed II?"

bellemanda said...

I am about to run into the brick wall of success! Man I would so be there, but what on earth would it be about? Perhaps the ghost of the cat returns to complain that the wild of Utah isn't the place he wants to be buried. Man that brings back memories. I am glad I forwent my plan to date a man who had actually seen that movie... It was a serious handicap as the ones that I did meet that saw it before they met me were odd. I wonder what that says about me.

bellemanda said...

Courtney-- I know he was a very creepy train conductor in Dead Man. His middle name is Hellion or so legend goes... I always thought of Grendel as a harry monster. In college I was much more interested in Grendel's mother as she was seriously terrifying in all her feminine glory. I hope they have that character. I enjoy Neil Gaiman's work.

oregone said...

I still have dreams about Prof. Boren. And how he's dressed up like my version of Grendel's mother.