May 19, 2007

Ziggy Where are you?

I am not sure why he was running with his head cocked to the right. He usually reserves that cuteness for asking for more strawberries (strawberries in a lot of milk and ice cream). After I give in to his sweet please he says "thank you mama" He is a charmer. We looked at a potential rental today and it wasn't acceptable. The first reason was the 4 foot drop into the living room from the entry way. The second was the basement was rented out to some dude. Why would I pay to rent a house, and take care of the lawn, and share it with some dude? I think we are going to live in a van down by the river.


Anonymous said...

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martin said...

I was just looking at the houses for sale in Livingston and thinking they were kinda cheap, but then I remembered the Portland-Livingston currency exchange rate. Ouch.