July 29, 2007

In a Pickle

We are collecting the ingredients for the pickling party! We are using the method below but upping the salt to 1 cup. Can pickles be too salty? This is the Grandma Tiny recipe we used last year and they were delicious! Remember last year?

#41 "Sabra" DILL PICKLES Wash 4-5 in. slim thin kirby cucumbers (about 50). Slice in half lengthwise.Sterilize pint jars and lids.Prepare BRINE: Boil 2 qts. water, 1 qt. vinegar, 3/4c salt. Bring to boil and keep hot.Pack jars with halved cucumbers along with one dill blossom and one large clove garlic per jar. Keep brine hot!Fill each jar with brine (tilt/rotate to remove air) to 1/4in. Seal. Invert 5min. Stand away from drafts. [Do not process.] Makes 12 pints.

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