July 28, 2007

Moon Over Mount Baldy

Taken from our front porch last night. Mount Baldy is now known as Mount Livingston. I like Mount Baldy better. I hate it when they change place names. Unless it was truly stupid. Like New Amsterdam or Constantinople.


Eve said...

How 'bout changing N Portland Blvd. to Rosa Parks Blvd. (out where Thai Ginger is)? Threw me off for a moment, thought it was a sign I just never noticed before.

I like Mt. Baldy better, too. More character.

martin said...

Looks like the moon I saw last night in Shaniko. They're talking about changing N Interstate Blvd to Caesar Chavez Blvd here now, which is fine with me. I guess I'm kinda fine with all the features formerly named Squaw something being renamed, but only if they research the history of the area and find a good, sensible name. Remember when they tried to rename Oregon's Whorehouse Meadow to Naughty Girl Meadow? The locals wouldn't have it and they had to keep the original name.

Sherry said...

Very pretty!