November 8, 2007

Lass Riddlin Maggie at Shrewbury Faire

I am waxing nostalgic, again. Imagine, a Cancer that loves to think about the past. Even though my now is great, if only I could get out of my own way. So part of my past is The Shrewsberry Renaissance Faire. It is in Oregon by Kings Valley. I was trying to find some cool pictures from this year but they have too many filters on them for me to enjoy. I went in search of Shrews Re-enacting past. I found it. And there were even some pictures of ME! How delightful. I had to search pretty hard, but what better task for a zoned out nostalgic narcissist. So here they are straight from 1997! They are all from Fairely Decent Photography

See me? I am the third lady from the front.

I was a washerwoman in full bodice and brawl. That straw can be just a little abrasive when you are already wet!

That is me and my brother! He has always been such a cutie!

I would riddle little children. For example:
Riddle Me this
By my crooked teeth I live or Die.
Turn my head once you may go by.
Turn my head twice and stay and rot.
Say, who am I?


Just say my name and I disappear.

Often the parents would answer and be very impressed with themselves. I love riddles too, but I tried to keep them easy for the kids. Of course I don't remember the easy ones.


oregone said...

Didn't you wear that bodice to Champoeg for someone's birthday or something? I think I have pictures of that, but I have no idea what we were doing out there.

bellemanda said...

It was Jill's birthday party. It was suppose to be a costume party but only the girls showed up in costume.