July 1, 2009

New pictures


May 22, 2009

Big Mama

I embrace my gradeschool nickname "big mama" for that is what part of me has grown into. I embrace my curves and shine with peace and love. damn it! i do!
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Little Bobcat Big Bobcat

More Earthwork on the place. Aido is prepared with his contruction worker while daddy runs the big rig.
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My Little Hard Working Man!

In Nana's garden Aido is hard at work. He is collecting weeds and getting ready to plant.
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April 19, 2009

Working our place

J and A are working the earth around our house. He is waving pretty for the people!
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Sleepy Bear

Isn't he beautiful and big? He was so relaxed watching extreme animal attacks he drifted off to sleep.
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April 9, 2009

US pictures!

LOVE, just PURE love for my little boy.

January 25, 2009


I am 12 weeks pregnant. The due date is August 11, 09. We are very excited. Little man kisses my belly and says hi sister (he is convinced it is a girl). We have promised him we will tell him that we will tell him when we know if he is getting a brother or a sister. I am doing really well, just really tired. Wish me luck.

Sledding Paradise

Only about 9 degrees F. We stayed out about an hour and we all decided it was cold and we were ready to go in. Then it was a nap for little man and a pedicure for me.

What I said I would never do: cut my child's hair

I don't have digital photos oh my haircuts when I was a child, but they were most always cut by my mom. If I had my mother's hair type, this would not be a problem, but I don't have bohemian wavy hair. I have stick straight baby fine brown hair, so any mistake in hair cutting shows. To this day I still hate having my hair cut even at a salon. They always f' it up. I usually cry and come up with description of explicitly how they f'ed it up. Like "I feel like I am in a prison porn movie and my hair has been rubbed off on a rock"(baby fine hair can't have too much product in it) or "I look like a weather woman in a hurricane" (how long should it take to blow out my hair). And I have even posted here about my hair woes. So, I always promised I wouldn't cut my children's hair. I have changed my mind and cut my little big man's hair and my man's hair. I do okay. What do you think:

I don't remember all of the things that I said I would never do like I was raised. I am sure Mom will remind me.