October 30, 2006

66º North

I walked forward toward the blue mountains. The landscape spare, my body spare. My thigh is bone and muscle. The hip bones thrust forward sharp as razors lay my hand open after a gentle exploratory touch. The ruby red blood oozes down my hand over the middle finger. A drop of blood perfect and round slowly plummets toward the sand. The drop hits the sand and as the splash leaves the earth the sun illuminates the landscape. The sand around me blooms into gems red and green and blue. My hair is adorned in jewels. My body blossoms too.

I had this dream in college. It has rattled around in my head for all these years. I have always thought it was an unearthly place until I discovered that there is such a place of black sands and blue mountains.

It is Vatnajökull Glacier in Iceland. The sand is volcanic, I wonder if it glistens in the sun. I know that day old snow gleams like diamonds. I must visit. I have wanted to visit northern Europe for some time. I found these pictures by Annie Rhiannon's Blog. She is living in Iceland from a place like Wales, Ireland or England for who knows what reason, but she is quite entertaining. I followed her flickr.com links and she had beautiful pictures in a light that I often dream of. This is her:

This picture reminded me of the dream scape The lighting makes her look so open. The human vulnerabilities are there, so is the strength and grace. It appears almost fetal to me, as if this isn't the adult phase of life but only the beginning. Fetal photographs with light illuminating fragile fresh flesh. Perhaps this is just a primitive beginning part of our lives.


Annie said...


Wow, quite surprised to see this here. Like your description of it.

bellemanda said...

Hi Annie, I really like your picture. And your blog is fun too! Thanks for looking! --manda