October 8, 2006

shhh, it is a rare sighting

My little man can grow up to be anything. I hope it isn't a cat burglar, but he looks the part here! We had a day of hardcore whining and these were the first semi-smiles all day. Thank goodness for Infant Tylenol! We found 2 pair of good shoes today at Target. 13$ a pair. ACK. They were the ONLY boys Size four. Everything else that size was very girly! Perhaps some gender neutrality would be nice. A pair of brown shoes can be worn by girls or boys. Why does everything have to have eyelets or pink flowers? Considering that women and girls can wear men's clothing and not vica versa I would hope for shelf space they would stock some in-betweens. (which I understand as a statment that it is okay to be male and not female in the feminist dialogue.) I don't think even if I lived in Portland again that I would put pink flowery shit on a boy. There were THREE ailse of girls shoes. I am not looking to make my son super macho, however I am not willing to use him as a social experiment which may force feminintiy by default. I want him to have the right to choose later in life after I get to dress him up as a preppy fashion plate for a few more years. I don't know the answers I am just trying to do right by him and I know that trucks, I mean big trucks, take his breath away.

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