October 16, 2006

Storm(trooper) the Casbah. And the radiator began to wail-ah-ah-ale

What is so funny about this picture to me isn't that there is a storm tropper fondling himself. It is that the apartment around the storm trooper is exactly as i would expect it. It is a true vision into the pre-party world of a man who would don a storm trooper outfit. I love that there are untouched and neatly lined up weights. The kitchen looks like I can smell it from here. It smells like T-Gel from Neutrogena. I know this for I once was a nerdphile. I also noticed the Walmart chairs in Maple and the coke and beer cans strewn about with careless grace. When I make up stuff about people I like to think they are cool and in spite of the almost there devil/rock star cheer, so I notice that this guy loves his little amp. I mean the little amp next to the weights. Note the blender for strawberry margaritas (because daiquiris would be kinda well effeminate). He sleeps on a futon. The most expensive piece of furniture was a large leather rocking recliner which is situated in front of his computer--its armrest is large enough to have a joystick. Its a one bedroom apartment. Please do not go into the bathroom. Obviously a soccer player, because how else would thighs fit in there.

Stormtroopers have always looked like sperm to me so it is strangley fitting. I am tired of thinking about it. Frankly my mind is taking me to smelly places. I dislike the way T-Gel smells.


congratulations to my old friend and father to be! I know you have heard it but I didn't believe it till it happened either. You will love that child more than you ever thought it was possible. And it grows with each passing day. Sometimes it actually exceeds your capacity. It is the best and hardest thing ever. Good luck Cap-E-Tan. you will be a great father. You've come a long way baby!
you have a lot of great things to look forward to:
You will also now understand something about your mother's photo album (at least I do). Why there are so many shots of sleeping children. Because that is the only time they are still.

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Anonymous said...

I look so wistful in that picture. Or drunk. Seeing old pictures of me fills up my head with questions. For example, "What ever happened to that 'Boogie Nights' DVD?" and "Whose folding chairs are those?" Of course, I also miss drinking beer in the apartment. Doesn't seem fair to do that these days what with a pregnant abstainer in the house.