December 2, 2006

white edition

My boy no longer speaks of Dogs first thing in the morning. As soon as he wakes up he says SNOW! It is too cold to let him go outside, but he is letting us know it is not that easy to dissuade him. He would stay all day outside in 33 to 17 degree weather. My mama's worried mind is more at ease now that he is properly bedecked in winter finery. He can put his arms down but not quite all the way. Snow boots, warm pea coat, bib snow pants. Mittens that I cannot get on and if I did would not stay on. Any suggestions how to keep toddlers hands warm in his snow frenzy? He came inside with no fuss today. My hypothesis is that the pull sled was so satisfying he didn't need any more time or that I made really good La Chatelaine Chocolat Chaude and he got a couple sips. He likes warm milk chocolaty goodness. Smart Kid.

I don't have any photos with a dribble of hot cocoa, but here he is in his bibs.

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Eve said...

I remember my first pair of bib snow pants. I don't think I looked as good as the baby boy. Hope all of you had a happy thanksgiving. Love, Eve and Bryce