February 11, 2007

Drive By Shooting

We traveled the Bridger Pass again. This time we had a tailgater and the roads were icy and it was getting dark so I didn't make the family pull over to take my mediocre landscape photos. I just took my mediocre landscaped photographs from the passenger seat of a car moving 50 mph. I kinda like them. It is a good illustration of how we see landscapes. The close objects move quickly past while the further away they are the slower they are passed by. I am sure that I remember a text book discussing this. I cannot remember if it was physics or psychology. My bet is psychology.

What I was trying to capture was the pink sunset blush upon the hills and the clouds. The houses are enormous so they are easy to capture. My favorite house on this ride blurred out. Trust me it is lovely, it has its own creek access and looks perfectly alpine in the snow. All of the houses along this route look more beautiful in the snow. Some of them look downright obscene with out a little shawl of snow. I am a cottage kind of person. I think too much house for a family of 3 is disgusting. That being said I love to look and imagine my own groomed x-country ski paths.

On our little trip I also remembered that there was a highway in Portland going to the airport that always reminded me of the Autobahn. Not that I have a good idea of what the Autobahn looks like, but I saw it on a 1996 version of Need for Speed on a boyfriend's computer so that is really what it reminded me of. While I was in Oregon part of it reminded me of Montana. Montana never reminds me of anything but Montana. There is one exception, there is a street in Bozeman that i realized I had always thought was in Corvallis because there were so many trees. That was a strange disconcerting moment when I realized that I wasn't in Corvallis and here is this street. I got a little dizzy.

Did you ever lay in bed at night (or in any way think about) INFINITY when you were a child? I remember I would lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling and try to expand my head around the idea of infinity. I would make myself dizzy and I was happy that I never got there.

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