February 3, 2007

In Honor of Montana Rednecks

(even if the red is from the Wind and not the Dirt)

You know you are a Montanan if:

You get passed when you are driving seventy five.
You tell
North Dakota jokes.
You can actually pronounce the City’s name Glasgow (Glasgo) without calling it Glascow.
You can choose plastic bags or a paper sacks for your groceries.
You have 10 favorite recipes for Elk meat.
You can write a check at McDonald’s for 2 Big Macs and fries.
The elevation exceeds the population.
People drive 200 miles to shop in a real mall.
You can fish, golf, and go skiing all in the same day if you try hard enough.
You talk about a combine and people don't wonder what you are putting together.
In the spring every tenth car you pass is a tractor.
You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from

Please leave a comment if you have any to add.

[i found these just lying around the web, but i think it was Jeff Foxworthy first?]

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